Adding benchmarks

Benchmarks are single text files that are fed to solvers when jobs are created. The name of a benchmark can be any legal file name in Linux, with a maximum length of 255 characters. You can add benchmarks to a space either by copying or liking them from another space or by uploading new ones. You own, and so have complete control on, any benchmark that you copied or uploaded. As a consequence, their size is counted against your quota. In contrast, you do not own benchmarks that you link and they not count against your quota. However, keep in mind that if the original benchmarks are owned by somebody else, those originals can be later deleted by their owner.

Uploading benchmarks

Benchmarks must be uploaded as an archive in one of the following archive formats (and have the corresponding suffix): tar, tar.gz, tgz, and zip. The archive can contain multiple files and directories. However, every file contained in the archive will be treated as a benchmark, so make sure to remove any non-benchmark files before creating the archive.

Benchmarks info

To upload benchmarks navigate to a space where you have permissions to do so and choose the action "upload benchmarks" from the list at the bottom of the space explorer page. Once you do that, you will be asked for several pieces of information, as described next.

After the archive is uploaded, you will be taken to an upload status page that will update you on the progress of processing your upload and inform you if any benchmarks fail validation.