Uploading solvers

Solvers must be uploaded as an archive in one of the following archive formats (and have the corresponding suffix): tar, tar.gz, tgz, and zip. A solver can contain any collection of folders and files as long as it contains at least one run script (aka configuration).

A solver can be built on starexec. To do this write a script that compiles your solver, name it starexec_build, and place it in the top level directory of your compressed solver file. For more information please refer to the User Guide.

Solver info

To upload a solver navigate to a space where you have permissions to do so and choose the action "upload solver" from the list at the bottom of the space explorer page. Once you do that, you will be asked for several pieces of information, as described next.


A configuration is a script that begins with a special prefix starexec_run_ that tells StarExec how to execute your solver. You must place your configurations in a special folder so StarExec knows where to find them. StarExec will look in a /bin folder in the top level directory of the archive you upload. The /bin folder will also be your working directory at the job's run time.

Anything after the underscore is treated as the configuration's name. For example, if you have two configuration files starexec_run_default and starexec_run_OtherConfig, then your solver will list two configurations in StarExec named respectively default and OtherConfig.

See the User Guide for more details on how to write configuration scripts.