Viewing benchmarks

To view benchmarks contained in a space navigate to the space and expand the benchmark list. You will see a list of all the benchmarks in that space and their associated type.

Benchmark details

Click a benchmark's name to get more details on that benchmark on a new page. In addition to additional details about the benchmarks type, this page will show a number of system-level attributes (such as description, owner, size, and so on) for the benchmark as well as type-specific attributes. With a couple of exceptions (see the User Guide), the latter are user-defined attributes whose values are extracted from the benchmark at upload time by a type-specific preprocessor previously uploaded by a community leader.

Benchmark content

Clicking on the "contents" box in the benchmark details page shows the actual benchmark in a text window. For benchmarks that are too large to fit in that window you can also click on the "popout" link to have the benchmark shown in its entirety in a new page.

Downloading a single benchmark

The benchmark details page provides also the option to save the benchmark on the local disk.

Downloading all benchmarks in a space

To download all the benchmarks within a space navigate to that space and simply click on the "download space" action. Then you will be given the choice to download also the solvers in that space or just the benchmarks.

The benchmarks will be provided in a zip archive. You can chose whether the content of that archive should be limited to just the benchmark directly contained in the space or include also all the benchmarks contained in any of its subspaces. In the latter case, the benchmarks will be stored in a directory structure that mirrors the subspace hierarchy.