Viewing results

To view the results of a job navigate to the job's space and expand the jobs list. You will see all jobs within the space as well as a brief overview of the state of each job.

Job details

Click the desired job's name to get more details. The job details page will show general information about the job as well as a listing of all of it pairs.

Job pair details

To get more details about a pair, click on the pair's row. The pair details page shows the most information about a job pair. If an attribute or statistic is unclear, hover your mouse over it to get a tool tip description.

If the job pair was run successfully, you will have the option to view its output. Click the output list to have the job pair's combined stdout/stderr contents displayed in the browser.

Downloading job info

You can also download individual outputs from job pairs or all of the outputs from the original job's page. You will also have the option to view the job's log within the browser. This log includes all actions that took place internally in StarExec during the various stages of the job execution pipeline. It can be useful for debugging if you are not sure why your job failed. Select the job log list to view the pair's log.

Downloading job pages

You can download an entire job details page for use offline. To do so go to the job details page (see "Job details" above) and in the actions list click "download job page". After the download is completed unzip the archive and navigate to the new directory that was created. Open the job.html file with your favorite web browser.

Set as High Priority

Setting a job as high priority will cause job pairs from that job to be prioritized over job pairs from a user’s other jobs. It will have no effect on when these job pairs are executed with respect to job pairs from other users. This allows a user to execute smaller jobs with a high priority while long running jobs continue to run at normal priority.