Community Statistics

The Community Statistics compares communities based on number of: users, solvers, benchmarks, jobs, job pairs, and disk usage.

Notes on statistics

Entities are counted as belonging to a community if they appear in at least one of its subspaces. All entities are uniquely counted by id. Since copying primitives results in new ids, those copied primitives are counted as unique entities.

Disk usage is the total disk space used by solvers and benchmarks in a community

Notes on fetching data

The information needed to complete the statistics page requires searching and counting through all users, solvers, benchmarks, jobs, and job pairs. Because of the scope of this task, we don't always query the database for this information. Instead, after a database query, we save that information and set an arbitrary minimum time that must pass before we requery the database. If the statistics page is requested before the minimum time has passed, we simply display the old information that we saved. This means that sometimes the statistics page loads up very quickly and sometimes it might take a while.