Input Restrictions

This page summarizes the character restrictions that exist for all uploads to StarExec.

Length Restrictions

Names for users must be between 2 and 32 characters. Institutions may have between 2 and 64 characters.

For all primitives except for spaces and benchmarks, the maximum length for a name is 128 characters. Spaces and benchmarks may have 250 characters. All names must be at least 1 character.

All descriptions must be between 0 and 1024 characters, inclusive. Messages, which are required when requesting a queue reservation or trying to join a new community, must be between 2 and 512 characters.

Character Restrictions

In all cases, StarExec is case insensitive for validation.

Names for users may only contain letters, hyphens, and whitespace. Institution names may have these characters and also numbers.

Primitive names may contain all of the following characters, but no others: a-z 0-9 whitespace - . + ^ = , ! ? : $ % # @

In descriptions, all characters are permitted except for the following characters: < > " ' % ; ) ( & \ + -

Regular Expressions

These are the regular expressions, in Java syntax, that are applied to validate inputs. If there appears to be a contradiction between these regular expressions and the rules laid out above, then these expressions take precedence:

user name pattern
institution name pattern
email pattern
url pattern
name pattern for all primitives
"^[\\w\\-\\. \\+\\^=,!?:$%#@]{1,128}$"
(space and benchmark names may be 250 characters long)
request message pattern
"^[\\w\\]\\[\\!\"#\\$%&'()\\*\\+,\\./:;=\\?@\\^_`{\\|}~\\- ]{2,512}$"
description pattern
password pattern